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Mearns Area Partnership
Youth Forum
The Mearns Youth Forum is a group of young people living in the Mearns area who aim to make the Mearns the best place for a young person to live in Aberdeenshire. We have recently created a Constitution for our group and we also elect positions within our group such as a President (currently Fraser Thomson), Secretary (Erin Alexander), Treasurer (Gayle Robertson), Arts Officer and Web Officer. Our recent achievements include a Youth Consultation (a 2008 project which saw nearly 300 young people give their views on what they want in the Mearns), the K&M Pocket Guide (a product of the Youth Consultation which we collaborated on with youth groups from Portlethen and Stonehaven, the Pocket Guide provides information on several issues for young people) and the opening of the Mearns Music and Media Project and the Friday Night Youth Café. Several of our members also recently achieved Youth Achievement Awards at several levels. The team also took part in Youth Scotland’s IT Kit Training, which resulted in a residential held in Aviemore and the beginning of the Mearns Youth Consultation 2011. The Youth Forum is supported by youth workers from the Mearns Community Centre. If you would like to get in contact with the Forum there is our website:
or alternatively via Lynn Bartlett at the Mearns Community Centre.