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Community Councils
Community councils were introduced in 1975 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973... All of Scotland has had community council areas delineated, the numbers and boundaries of which can be altered by the area council. However not all communities have community councils, which in Scotland are statutory and only exist if local people are willing to stand for election. They are officially stated to be "non-party-political and non-sectarian" in their discussions and decision making. Community councils must adopt a constitution stating the name of the community council and dealing with such matters as the frequency of meetings, office bearers, method of election, finance and standing orders.

MAPís constitution states that Mearns, St Cyrus and Arbuthnot Community Councils have a seat on the management committee. Only Mearns and St Cyrus currently take up their seats.

Contact details for these CCís are:

Mearns Community Council

Mrs Marjorie Stewart
Dunthill House
AB30 1XN

Tel 01674 840328,

St Cyrus Community Council

Sue Waddicor
Fern Cottage
Manse Lane
St Cyrus
DD10 0AH

Tel 01674 850842