MAP is a partnership of statutory, voluntary and community organisations focused on addressing the needs of the area to develop and strengthen the Mearns Community.

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Tullo and Twinshiels Wind Farms Community Fund Application Form

Please note that, in common with several other windfarm funds, the panel has taken the decision to POSTPONE the closing date for entries until 30th June 2021. This will allow groups who have been unable to meet regularly in 2020 time to submit applications. 

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The phone number is 07780 889683  Please not that this phone is checked several times a week, please leave a message and we'll get back to you. 


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Message from Provost

It has been a particular pleasure to have been associated with the Mearns Area Partnership for 15 years as a local councillor.

MAP has a proven track record of focussing on the improvement of the quality of life for residents of the Mearns and striving, through partnership with a wide range of statutory, voluntary and private agencies to identify the needs and issues facing communities in a pragmatic and considered manner.

MAP has become a recognised model for effective partnership working and repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to reach out to rural communities and bringing people together.

The achievements MAP has brought about since it was established have brought tangible results to the Mearns, and it is clear from the strategic objectives that it is well equipped to carry that positive approach into the future.

Cllr Bill Howatson
Provost of Aberdeenshire


Cllr Bill Howatson